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Impacting Veterans across North Texas

The 2021Tarrant County Veterans Day Parade is planned, organized and staged with volunteer hours and in kind donations from communities, businesses, organizations and generous people across North Texas.

This marks the 103rd anniversary parade. In honor of their work, TCVC is seeking donations of 100 from individuals, organizations and businesses. That could be 100 pennies, nickels, dimes, dollars, or more. What can you contribute?
Can you Give 100 now?  $100 level donors will receive a letter of appreciation from the Council. Contributors will also have their names posted on  this website as a Give 100 Partner. Use the form below to show your support today.

Give 100 Partners

Have an idea?  Can you contribute a service in kind? Eager to donate?  Simply complete the application, or fill out the comment form below. Someone will be in touch  to discuss all your creative ideas... and Thank You!
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Email us with your support ideas for our Veterans Day Parade


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This year's event is dedicated to all American Veterans and First Responders... celebrating their service to our country.  The Veterans Council invites North Texans to help make this the best salute yet through their gifts of time, talent and money. Please consider becoming a Parade Partner or helping sponsor our event.

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